Many people are not familiar with the issue of introducing blockchain cases in English. Below, our editor Yu Qingba will explain it in detail for everyone to understand. Last week, HiBlock blockchain community released a recruitment notice for blockchain translation group members. Some interested friends said that they didn't know how to translate many English terms accurately. Some experts proposed that the basic principle of translation is fidelity, expressiveness, and elegance. How to say "blockchain" in English? The English and Chinese meaning is one-to-one corresponding. Blockchain refers to the chain of blocks, in which blocks refer to regions or blocks, and chains refer to chains. If you are a technology "white", don't be afraid. Today's push is to teach you how to read English documents, which is also a basic skill of programmers. Digital currency is based on blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin, whose value is determined by the entire blockchain technology. Disclaimer: This article does not constitute any investment advice. The three elements of blockchain technology include decentralized, consensus algorithm, and encryption algorithm. The four prospects of blockchain applications are blockchain finance, supply chain, E-government, and social networking sites. In short, this is an introduction to blockchain case in English, and hopefully, it will be helpful to you. Disclaimer: The content comes from the Internet and does not represent the views of our website.

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