ERC404: Unveiling the Potential of Pandora's Surge








Is the ERC404 behind Pandora’s surge suitable for deployment now?In the past two days, a newly proposed Ethereum token standard suddenly became popular: ERC-404, whose representative currency is PandoraTaking Pandora as an example, it specifically exhibits the following two typical characteristics:A total of 10,000 NFTs were issued for this token (we call it Pandora-NFT), which is exactly the same as the Ethereum NFT we usually see. These 10,000 NFTs can be traded on any NFT platform (such as OpenSea, Blur, etc.)But at the same time, it has 10,000 ERC-20 tokens (Pandora-ERC20). The ERC-20 tokens here are the same as the ERC-20 tokens we trade on Uniswap. These 10,000 ERC-20 tokens can be traded on any DEXThis way of constructing the token means that once the token is issued, it also has the liquidity of an ERC-20 token and can be conveniently traded like any ERC-20 token.The liquidity of NFT is formed innately during the construction stage.This unique liquidity and trading feature is unprecedented in current NFT and ERC-20 tokens.I think the biggest feature of this standard is that it naturally unlocks the liquidity of NFT, making it almost equivalent to ERC-20, which greatly enhances and facilitates NFT transactions.In addition, I will apply some of my personal experience:A truly disruptive protocol is rarely recognized by everyone as soon as it comes out.Bitcoin, Ethereum, Uniswap, Inscription... Isn't this the case?Even the AI ​​that everyone knows today has only reached this turning point after decades of development.As soon as it came out, many people realized how "subversive" and "dreamy" the agreement was. Either its subsequent effect was far less than what everyone originally expected; or it was later proven that it was truly "subversive" and "dreamy" It's not the scene that everyone originally expected, but a corner that can't be reached with eight poles.At least, that's what I thinkJoin me to join a group to keep warm, click my follow button. Share high-quality projects for free for a long time and lead the way to riches. You won’t regret knowing me. ERC404UNVEILINGTHEPOTENTIALOFPANDORASSURGE


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