2024.3.28 Major events in the currency circle

●The probability that the Fed will keep interest rates unchanged in May is 91%, and the probability of cutting interest rates by 25 basis points cumulatively in June is 64%

●Three blockchain AI companies plan to merge crypto tokens to develop decentralized AI platforms $FET $OCEAN $AGIX

●Bitcoin has posted seven consecutive months of positive returns for the second time. In 2012, Bitcoin fell 10% over the next month before posting positive returns for six consecutive months.

$APT - Big RWA announcement coming in April. Details will likely be announced at the “Aptos DeFi DAYS” event taking place April 2-5.

● $LINA -Linea announced that the Linea Surge event will be launched in April

$FET, $AGIX and $OCEAN are considering merging their tokens into an “ASI” token with FDV $7.5b. Governance voting will begin on April 2.

● $MNT $POKT has been listed on Upbit exchange.

● $ATOM - Cosmos will make an announcement on April 2nd.

● $ONDO – Ondo Finance plans to transfer $95 million in assets to BlackRock’s tokenization fund to back its $OUSG token.

● $POLS - Polkastarter announced on 4 May 5 by @truflationIDO. The whitelist will be closed soon.

● $POLYX - Polymesh announced a mainnet upgrade on April 3.

● $PRIME - Parallel raised $35 million in its latest funding round. The list of investors includes VanEck.

● PUNDIX - PundiX co-founder @子斌 teaser will announce the cooperation at Token 2049 Dubai.

$RNDR - Render Network's governance RNP-011 "Create millions of 3D training assets" has been announced. The proposal includes staking $RENDER.

● $VET - VeChain announced the launch of a codeless digital asset tokenization platform called Marketplace as a Service (MaaS). Full launch is expected in the second quarter.

● $XAI - Crypto Unicorns announces token migration to XAI chain. $RBW will be converted to $CU at 10:1.

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